Jesus Campa was the right guy, at the wrong time.

I feel that when you hold people accountable to include yourself, you place a huge target on your back.  

The Real Jesus "Eddie" Campa

The right guy at the wrong time.

There is so much that could be said about this matter.  Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa came in and did what he was tasked to do.  The biggest and only issue we had was that he was the right guy at the wrong time for us.  I can not in good faith really say anything bad about him.  The matter of the story is we just didn't like his kind.

True stament from a MPD Officer.

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Farewell to Marshall Police Chief - Jesus "Eddie" Campa

Marshall, Texas says goodbye to the man in charge of protecting the city.Former police chief - Jesus "Eddie" Campa - resigned last month to pursue other opportunities.

This afternoon, a ceremony to bid him farewell. Coordinators called it a "love reception" giving the Marshall community a chance to send their thanks before the Campa family takes off.Many, including Campa, had a hard time keeping their eyes dry."It's always been my philosophy - community based policing, and today I appreciate the outpouring of support."

Reception coordinator, and NAACP President, Charles Wilson, says, "We just wanted to tell him how much the Marshall community loved him, and how much he did for us in the short time that he was here."Marshall residents now hope the next chief can fill the shoes Campa leaves behind. Jesus Campa chief of police security

Say Good bye to the Good Guy

Salute the Badge: Marshall Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Camp

Across the country tensions have been high between citizens and law enforcement.

Marshall, Texas is no different.

"When I first got here, I was advised we had some external issues that we had to mend. And that was the relationship that we had with the community and the preconceived notion that the community had of the police department," said Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa, Marshall Police Department.

To break down those barriers, Chief Campa started the "No Colors, No Labels" initiative.

The police department hosts events aimed at ending hate by promoting understanding between different races.

For his efforts, Chief Campa earned the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian award from Bethesda Missionary Baptist church in Marshall.

"This award means a lot because I've always been a fan of Martin Luther King and his vision and his dream," shared Campa.

Chief Campa says he will continue strengthening Marshall's community policing efforts.

"I'm just very happy I got the opportunity to come to Marshall and had the vision to start No Colors No Labels initiative.... rebuilding the dream and continuing to move forward." 

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Editorial: Right guy, wrong time

Editorial: Sanctuary Cities


As police executive leaders how do we address the current immigration crisis.  The great debate deals with sanctuary cities and financial gain.   The thing that people need to understand is that we are already complying with federal mandates. These so-called sanctuary cities have always complied with federal mandates and have turned over jail logs of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes to  immigration enforcement officers. The only change that you will see is it officers will now begin to start pulling people over to check their immigration status. This will lead to racial profiling of individuals. There is really no need to conduct ourselves in this  manner.  While  we understand that entering the country  illegally he is a federal crime local law-enforcement officials do not have the necessary resources to enforce immigration law and a federal level.



 The Marshall community is a diverse community that has struggled with racial issues. After a thorough evaluation, I developed the appropriate strategies required to address the racial divide. I initiated the innovative No Colors, No Labels Initiative (NCNL) to establish trust and bridge the gap between the diverse communities we serve. NCNL also attempts to remove the preconceived notion; some have that the police are racially motivated. We resurrected the Citizens Police Academy in 2016 and currently host them quarterly, to include one in Spanish. In 2017 we will also introduce a Teen Citizens Academy to build trust with the youth of our community. In 2016 through a partnership with Blue Bell Ice Cream we introduced the Cool Cops Ice Cream Truck to the community. This program was designed to strengthen the trust with the community by having police officers give away ice cream to citizens as the truck visited different neighborhoods.  



 “Leaders are limited by their vision rather than by their abilities.” “Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers. Your dream is the key to your future. The Bible says that, "without a vision, a people perish." 

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Men of Faith


Men of faith and courage you need to have RaK Chazak Amats.  What is this you ask?   

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